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A Special Place Where You

Come as a Guest & Leave as a Friend

Dieci, is not the result of a coincidence, neither an impulse. Dieci Restaurant is rather a dream that has been cooking for years. It is the result of engineering the perfect food business and the perfect intimate atmosphere for our guests.

After our vast experience in over 100 countries and 40+ years in the business, we have purified and distilled the good and the excellent of this art and eliminated the bad and the evil of this business. For us, the Chiarini family; Dieci means perfection, sacrifice, exclusivity and creativity to the maximum expression.
Dieci is destined to pamper and spoil our guests with diversity and attention to detail all into one unique experience.


Countries Worldwide


Restaurants Consulted


Years in the Business

A Dream

That Has Been Cooking for Years

What Our Guests Say About Us

Must visit before you die

Having dinner at Dieci is not just a dinner, but a truly unique, inspiring and unforgettable experience!
The food... can't find enough words for it, but each bite absolutely mind-blowing and each plate is simply a masterpiece! We were amazed to see what can be done with simple natural local products, that we otherwise consume on a daily basis and don’t consider something special. The service, the atmosphere and the Chefs’ hospitality - far beyond perfect! ...



The food will blow you away!

An unbelievable experience! From the food to the deep conversations and access to a global top chef, our experience at 10 Dieci Boutique Restaurant was nothing short of amazing - so much so that we booked our next visit before the evening was over. There are restaurants with good food, there are high class restaurants with amazing chefs, and there is 10 Dieci, Chef Franco and his wife and partner Anna, which we believe is in a category of its own.



Deserves more than a 5-star review! 

One of a kind restaurant in Bulgaria! We were more than amazed! The food left us speechless. Apart from that every product supports and comes from the local community. The Chefs are amazing professionals and deliver not only outstanding dishes but also an amazing culinary experience which presents the Bulgarian culture and products with their personal touch and twist. Gianfranco and Anna took care of every little detail. More than that they are an amazing couple and are eager to communicate...

Georgy Kostadinov

The most exceptional experience

We had an extraordinary time, the most exceptional experience. We had never imagined that this would happen so soon in our native Bulgaria. We feel honored that Chefs Gianfranco and Anna Chiarini decided to bring their knowledge, expertise and passion here and find inspiration in our most natural food and culinary traditions. In Dieci they are not just preparing and serving brilliant food inspired by Bulgarian and Italian culinary. 



Deserves more than a 5-star review! 

Dieci was an out-of-this-world experience. And that is far beyond a Michelin star! My boyfriend and I couldn’t stop talking about it for days. All courses were outstanding but what got to my heart the most was the passion Gianfranco and Anna talk with when they describe the ingredients and the techniques they use. All their products are from local Bulgarian producers with world-class reputation. Some are from the “local babas and dyados”, too, as they call them. I am so grateful for the Chiarinis and their dedication to prove the world...

Dilyana Dobrinova

Our Seasonal Tasting Menu

If you have any dietary requirements or allergies to any product mentioned above;
Please state this upon your reservation and we will try to accommodate your requirements

Menu Price (without wine): 290 BGN (Bulgarian Lev) per person inclusive of VAT.


Prices of all our wines by the bottle or by the glass are printed on our in-house menus. All our wines are 100% produced in Bulgaria by our Exclusive Wine Estate Partners.


To ensure the full effect, perception and appreciation of our menu flavors; only waters and/or wines will be served. No other beverages will be served during the tasting menu.
Coffee and Gourmet Teas are complementary at the end of the meal.​
All menus are created by Chefs Anna and Gianfranco Chiarini
100% Pure, Bulgarian and some Balkan Products


Dear guest, we do take reservations online. 
Due to the size of our restaurant and the exclusive quantity of guests that we host per night, all reservations are handled by us directly. With this, we wish to make your reservation more personal, to ensure accuracy and to filter the quality of our guests. 

We will answer directly to your email address with a positive confirmation or the reasons why your reservation cannot be made at this time with our next available dates.

Our dinner tasting menu starts at 19:00 hours = 7:00 pm. All our guests must be seated at once to deliver all dishes equally and at the same time.

Before you make your reservation, please see

For this, we kindly ask you to make sure that you will be here at 18:30 hours = 6:30 pm. With this we wish to ensure that all guests will meet and commence the dinner at the same time.
 Arrivals after 19:10 hours = 7:10 pm, will not be accepted and will result in the cancellation of your reservation.

 Please call us with ample time if there are any changes. 
For reservations please call before 17:00 hours = 5:00 pm.


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7 Dimitar Vasilev - 7972 - Devino village,
Targovishte Region, Bulgaria.

Our precise GPS location: Coordinates:
43°08'04.7"N 26°07'22.0"E

Important: Do not use "Waze" as GPS (you will end up in challenging roads) ONLY use "Google Maps"

Working Hours

Tuesday - Saturday: 18:30 - 24:00

Sunday & Monday: Closed

Spring - Summer & Fall: Opened

Winter Season: Opened (depending on weather)

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