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Our Story

The Love for the Land and its Seasons

The story and reasoning behind the modern Bulgarian cuisine movement of Chef Chiarini has understood that terroir and seasonality is not simply about place and geography or a space in time, but rather the true signature of a creative and honest menu, that can impact profoundly the dining experience of our guests.


Situated in the heart of the Devino village in the Targovishte region of Bulgaria, the breathtaking and massive Chiarini’s villa stands out at the Tuscany-like rolling hills, surrounded by sunflower and lavender fields and meters away from the hunting forests that provide us with the inspiration and raw products for our restaurant.

The respect for the history and the heritage of the Balkan Mediterranean culture is what inspired the decoration and the preservation of the 100 year old school of the village turned into the Chiarini’s private villa and their restaurant.

Farm to Table

At Dieci we believe that embracing the products of the territory and eating accordingly to the seasons brings benefit not only to our dinners, but to the planet as well, to our local economy, to the farmers and the products are more nutritious and bare more flavor. By doing this Dieci Restaurant also marks another stage in the renaissance of Bulgarian cuisine.

Our food proposal is rooted in the belief that food is one of the most unique ways to communicate a region’s culture, since food has always played a significant role in shaping our world. The cuisine at Dieci Restaurant by Gianfranco Chiarini is a synthesis of over three decades of research and exploration across various global kitchens.

The philosophy adapted in the menu at Dieci Restaurant revolves around progressive Italo-Bulgarian cuisine, reflected through the diversity of traditional Mediterranean fare, combined with progressive presentations, vibrant colors and a captivating blend of flavors, with an emphasis on using the freshest of ingredients, the territory and the seasons all prepared delicately with modern culinary techniques.

Our Ten course tasting menu is a journey throughout the different regions of Bulgaria with an Italian and Mediterranean soul. Our proposal is creative and unique to the entire region. Definitely a treat for all connoisseurs of fine fusion cuisine and the lovers of the territory and the product transformation through the seasons.

Our Philosophy

About the Owners

Chefs. Gianfranco and Anna Chiarini

About Him

Chef Gianfranco Chiarini, of Italian-Colombian origins and raised in New York City, U.S.A , has been in the business for over 45 years. His activities range from Michelin restaurants, boutique hotels, research and product development chef, media person, avid book writer, restaurateur, global consultant having left his mark in over 114 countries and with over 1 million+ followers in social media.

About Her

Chef Anna Chiarini, from Italian-Polish origins grew up between Poland, Italy and Germany. She graduated with two Master Degrees from the University of Hamburg, Germany and holds a Masters in Nutrition from Ohio State University. Her activities range from restaurant & hotel openings to R&D for retail. She is a book writer, restaurateur, expert on healthy food & nutrition and global consultant with 100.000+ followers in social media.


Now together in the project of their life. The Chiarini couple offers a cuisine which is not a list of ingredients or demonstration of technical abilities. It is a narration of the Bulgarian landscape and Italian passion. Cooking is a collision of ideas, techniques, and cultures. It is not mathematical. It is emotional.
Ours is a modern Bulgarian/Italian Fusion restaurant meant to speak to and positively impact Bulgaria. What excites us most is garnering relationships with neighbors, artisans, growers, hunters, foragers and other members of this unique place. We hope that their stories can meld with ours; that we can be caretakers of this collective vision--sharing it with our guests in a manner at once personal and celebratory. 

Welcome to our home - Welcome to Dieci.


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7 Dimitar Vasilev - 7972 - Devino village,
Targovishte Region, Bulgaria.

Our precise GPS location: Coordinates:
43°08'04.7"N 26°07'22.0"E

Important: Do not use "Waze" as GPS (you will end up in challenging roads) ONLY use "Google Maps"

Working Hours

Tuesday - Saturday: 18:30 - 24:00

Sunday & Monday: Closed

Spring - Summer & Fall: Opened

Winter Season: Opened (depending on weather)

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