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7 Dimitar Vasilev - 7972 - Devino village,
Targovishte Region, Bulgaria.

Our precise GPS location: Coordinates:
43°08'04.7"N 26°07'22.0"E

Important: Do not use "Waze" as GPS (you will end up in challenging roads) ONLY use "Google Maps"

Working Hours

Tuesday - Saturday: 18:30 - 24:00

Sunday & Monday: Closed

Spring - Summer & Fall: Opened

Winter Season: Opened (depending on weather)

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Before making your reservation with us, we invite you to read our policy rules and regulations. You will find here also useful information in regards to our dress code, opening hours, vacation time, holidays, private & VIP dining, menu prices, wine pairing, parking and much more....
It is important to highlight that all our customers love and appreciate very much our policies on behavior as these ensure a smooth and memorable experience; without having to deal with annoying and unruly guests. Adults need to behave as such and therefore it is mandatory to adhere to the rules of the house.

Dieci Boutique Restaurant prides itself on providing a friendly space for relaxation, ultimate dining, moral values and social manners. Please note that the following rules apply to all guests and staff with no exceptions at all. Please remember this is not only a restaurant; this is also our family's home and you are our guests. At Dieci we do not care about our guest's financial status, but we do emphasize attention on manners and class. Everyone must be treated equally regardless.

Failure to comply with our house rules, will result in the removal of the guest(s) from the property. Before removal the menu price must be paid in full.

Dress Code

Wear Your Fine Attire: The dress code at a fine dining restaurant is usually Business Casual, Casual Elegant or Formal attire. Dieci Boutique Restaurant is a superior dining experience with dim lighting, a romantic ambiance, and a menu that will make you remember your meal forever. We do hope your experience with us will be a gala event for you and your guests. We believe that such an occasion deserves to dress accordingly. 
Please stick to the dress code we recommend below for both women and men:

For women, elegant casual comprises suits, collared shirts, knee-length skirts, and tailored dresses. Capris are not accepted. Tennis shirts are not acceptable.
Clothing that reveals too much cleavage, chest, back, stomach, feet or underwear is not befitting for a place of our statute and style. Remember this is our house and needs to be morally respected. For her, a formal pants outfit, or a snazzy black dress complemented by an evening wrap or clutch bag would be perfect for such a important moment.

For men, a combination of a collared shirt, which can range from a Polo shirt or a button down, and dress pants or trousers, such as khakis or designer jeans (not ripped), all tucked away and made neat with a belt or blazer, is idyllic. We suggest a dark suit or a button down with trousers, made complete by a sport coat.

For All: 
The shoes should be in the neighborhood of loafers or tie-ups—sneakers are not accepted. Both women and men will find turtlenecks, darker colors, and leather shoes to be universally accepted as supplements to casual elegant outfits.
In an Elegant–Business–Casual dinning environment, clothing should be pressed and never wrinkled – not ripped and not broken regardless if someone thinks or tells you that it is in fashion. Adults should dress as adults.

Any violation to the dress code will result in guests being rejected on the spot and denied access.

Jacket is required during Spring and Winter. But a light tasteful jacket can be accepted in the months of the summer.

No sandals, no exposed feet, no sneakers, definitely no shorts, no tank-tops.

Convey a professional and classy look, and if you can do that, you won’t have a bit of trouble complying with our restaurants’ dress code policies.

Because of the adult atmosphere, the 4 hours menu journey and the unique taste of our dishes, no children are allowed. Usually you must be over 20 to dine with us. There are no children’s menu options at all in our restaurant. In our view, it is also unfair to subject children or youngsters to the length of our menu and the behavior expected by the rest of the guests. Please find a babysitter and enjoy your child free time with us, whilst allowing others in the dining room to do the same.



They’re welcome in our homes, and maybe even in our beds. But many of our guests find the presence of dogs in restaurants to be unsanitary or simply unsafe. Some guests may have fear of dogs, or simply allergies. Hairs of dogs will be scattered in the restaurant and may fall on guests' dishes. Our pets cannot be confined to the discipline of a restaurant of our level. Additionally we have guard dogs on the outside premises and this will ignite a dangerous conflict. Therefore pets are not allowed.

In an effort to rekindle “traditional social values” and encourage conversation, we have adopted this strict phone-free policy for our restaurant. We compare this practice to attending the theater, opera or the cinema, where patrons are accustomed to switching off their phones without question. This is a moment of disconnection and relaxation for everyone. Please remember… your business on the phone, it's nobody’s business. If you have an emergency, please take it outside and be kind and careful to not be loud. If your meal is cold on your return to the table, the meal will not be reheated as it is rude and impolite to the chef and other guests' dining rhythm.

Mobile Phones

Dieci Boutique Restaurant is a smoke free space. No cigarettes, E-cigarettes, cigars, pipes or smoking devices of any kind are allowed inside the entire villa. Smoking is available during the menu break, outside in the gardens, next to the sand-ashtray that is available on the premises to deposit the cigarette filters and cigarette butts. No littering is allowed anywhere in the premises of the land as we are environmentally conscious and we have pets in the property that may accidentally consume the waste, get intoxicated and become sick.


For the comfort of all our guests, flash and professional photography are not permitted in the dining room. Smartphone pictures are allowed, without flash.


Dieci Boutique Restaurant has (O) zero tolerance to any racial, religious, gender, age, financial or physical prejudice and any other behavior that does not adhere to the social etiquette and respect to the background of our guests and staff.


Dieci Boutique Restaurant has (O) zero tolerance inside the restaurant or on the garden premises, to vulgar displays, swearing, screaming, excessive and uncontrolled alcohol consumption, violence and yelling.

Language & Violence

Loudness is not allowed as we operate in a relaxed, friendly and professional atmosphere. Other guests have the right to a pleasing and unique experience that cannot be spoiled because of other guests' volume and excitement. Additionally we are located in a village surrounded by mostly senior citizens. The operating hours of the restaurant and the interactions of guests must not interfere at all times with the peace and sleep of our good neighbors.​​

Our Neighbors

As you will be aware; the villa where our restaurant operates is not only a business place. The upper part of the villa is the private residence of the Chiarini family. Therefore we kindly ask you to limit yourself to the restaurant and toilet areas or to the lower lobby. 
Thank you!


The restaurant is open Tuesday through Saturday from 18:00 until 24:00. Dinner finishes at 22:00 hours. Only opened for dinner. No rotation on tables. One sitting per night.

Opening Days and Hours

Limited dietary restrictions can be accommodated if you inform us in advance when making the reservation. Please note: Trend lifestyles are not catered by Dieci, just life threatening allergies and food restrictions

Please read about this point in full detail on our section FAQ's.

Food Restrictions

Reservations can be made for parties of 2 up to 6 guests.

Daily Reservation  Limit

We are open 5 days a week, from Tuesdays to Saturdays regardless of any holiday. We are only open in the seasons of the Spring, Summer and Fall. We planned to be closed during the months of Winter, but reservation's demand has brought us to open in the winter months as well. Therefore we will be open for winter, but we will be taking only one table per night from 2 and up to 6 guests of the same group/family/company. Winter operations will depend on weather conditions and COVID restrictions.

Holidays and Closures

The price of our Full Tasting Menu is: 290 BGN (Bulgarian Lev) per person inclusive of VAT. Waters and hot beverages included. Wine is an additional charge. Wines are served at Dieci Boutique Restaurant, by the glass or by the bottle. Wine consumption is not mandatory.

Price Menu + Wine

To ensure the full effect, perception and appreciation of our menu flavors; only flavored waters and/or wines will be served. No other beverages will be served during the tasting menu. Coffee and Gourmet Teas are complementary at the end of the meal. All our wines are made in Bulgarian. No coca cola, soft drinks or beers are served at Dieci. This is a gourmet restaurant and our food must be treated as such.

Beverages during the Menu

Our property enables the safe parking of up to 10 vehicles of medium size. All vehicles will be secure and protected inside our property. Over 32 CCTV cameras enabled with night vision are allocated inside and outside the villa and on the gardens for your safety and the safety of your vehicle. Parking is free of charge.

Vehicle Parking & Security

Dieci Boutique Restaurant implements practices that maintain a healthy environment for our guests and staff. These measures are in accordance with guidelines issued by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration of Bulgaria, the CDC and the World Health Organization. Please note, guests' temperature will be taken upon arrival in the high-risk colder months.

COVID-19 and the challenging colder months of COVID restrictions

Reservations availability for the colder months of (October, November, December, January, February, March) will go away quickly for the following reason. As COVID may or may not come; we wish to comply with the law and COVID restrictions. Therefore we will allow bookings of only one small, medium or large table under the same group. This means for you; that from 1 guest, (our minimum capacity) and up to 6 guests, (our maximum capacity for COVID months) we will only take one table of the same group. Therefore if on the day of your reservation, you wish to bring more guests, feel free to do so and take full advantage of the space; and if you decide not to bring anyone else but you and your companion, then you will have the entire restaurant and our full attention for yourselves - we do all this to give to our dear guests a full peace of mind, and a feeling of security away from pandemics, big cities and further restrictions. That's all on this matter.

Our staff is fully vaccinated and certified for COVID-19. Certifications, proof of vaccinations and all documentation are available for our guests to see at the restaurant.

Bookings & Reservations

Dieci Boutique Restaurant can host small weddings, birthdays and celebrations for up to 10 guests. If you need to reserve the entire restaurant, a non refundable fee must be paid upon reservation. The fee to be paid covers food only. Alcohol will be charged after the event, as it is impossible to calculate alcohol consumption at the moment of your reservation.

Private Dinning

We are looking very much forward to welcoming you here at Dieci Boutique Restaurant. You will find that our rules of the house and policies are absolutely in line and in your best interest and the interest of all our guests to feel welcome, safe, respected and to be able to enjoy a unique experience in a very intimate and relaxed setting.
Dieci is a place of culinary delight, beauty, peace and relaxation. Please leave the hustle and bustle outside and enjoy your relaxing time at Dieci.
If all these policies are in accordance with your moral values and interests, please feel free to make your reservation now.
Thank you very much for your understanding and welcome to our home.

House Rules & Services

Please, read before making your reservation

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