Do I have to reserve at Dieci in advance? and how does it work?

Yes you need to reserve in advance and the reasons are simple. Due to the size, exclusive atmosphere and unique menu of our restaurant, you need to reserve your table in advance. Reservations at Dieci are taken in a tailored manner; meaning no automatic engines approve or deny your reservation. During the reservation process made via email, we will answer personally to you and understand the following:

  1. Your name and last name.
  2. Date of your reservation
  3. How many people are in the reservation?
  4. Do you have any special need that we can accommodate that day (if possible).
  5. Phone or Mobile number (this is a must as you'll be contacted directly)
If we have a place for your reservation on the date that you required, we will confirm your reservation. At the end of the reservation process if all is finally agreed upon…we will then send you an email with a confirmation and coordinates for you to place in your smartphone Google Maps, Ways or any other engine of your choice.

This will make it easy for you to arrive as we do not place ads along the road to get to us. In Bulgaria sometimes (especially in the little villages) it is a bit complicated to understand turns and directions are never fully clear. Therefore coordinates and smartphones will be your guide without a bump. If you have further questions feel free to email us and/or call us 24/7.

What is your cancellation policy?

As stated on our previus question: Pre-Reservations of 6 or more guests have to be secured with a deposit of Food Menus only. Our Cancellation Policy states that we will retain 50% on all cancellations at any time, as we would have given away business and possible guests to keep your date. Some people ask why we retain 50% and do not refund the entire amount? Answer: Simple... the whole purpose of reserving and giving a security deposit is to not give the chance to lose your date and spot in our restaurant to other guests. If we lose business by keeping your date and you cancel... giving you a full refund defeats the whole purpose of a security deposit. We are not a bank that accepts and holds money for a full withdrawal later. We are a business that makes business with legitimate and real guests and giving away business to keep your date has to come with a profit for the restaurant when a guest cancels.

Is it true that all customers need to be there at the same time?

Yes it is true. The nature and style of our dining is tailored specifically to minimize mistakes and inconsistencies. We do take care of you personally and no waiters are in between. We wish to give you the ultimate experience in regards to service and food, as we outsource our produce locally, fresh and prepare it in a unique way. Serving separately or per table will be in conflict with the rhythm and artistic value of our food offer and therefore this will spoil your experience and understanding of what we do.

Our dinner tasting menu starts at 19:00 hours = 7:00 pm. All our 10 guests must be seated at once to deliver all dishes equally and at the same time. Please see our Policy. For this reason, we kindly ask you to make sure that you will be here 30 minutes before (no exceptions). We will have a welcome drink for you and with this we wish to ensure that all guests will meet , greet and commence the dinner at the same time.

Arrivals after 19:10 hours = 7:10 pm, will not be accepted and will result in the cancellation of your reservation. Please call us with ample time if there are any changes so that we can arrange accordingly.

Do you accept children in the restaurant?

Because of the adult atmosphere, the 2-3 hours menu journey and the unique taste of our dishes, no children are allowed. You must be over 18 years of age to dine with us. There are no children’s menu options at all in our restaurant. In our view, it is also unfair to submit children or youngsters to the length of our menu and the behavior expected by the rest of the guests. Kids are prone to run around restaurants unattended and may get hurt in high-traffic areas where service staff are passing by quickly. Please find a babysitter and enjoy your child free time with us, whilst allowing others in the dining room to do the same.

Do you accept pets in the restaurant?

No we do not accept pets of any kind in our restaurant. Generally they’re welcome in people’s homes, and maybe even in people’s beds. But in a restaurant setting, many of our guests find the presence of dogs to be unsanitary or simply unsafe. Some guests may have fear of dogs, or simply allergies. Dogs shed hair and it can be scattered in the restaurant and may fall on guests' dishes and this will compromise the integrity of our dishes. Additionally is inhuman to confine pets to the discipline of a restaurant of our level. Finally we have guard dogs on the outside premises and this definitely will ignite a dangerous territorial conflict among pets.

Does Dieci Boutique Restaurant have a dress code?

Dieci Boutique Restaurant is a superior dining experience with dim lighting, a romantic ambiance, and a menu that will make you remember your meal forever. We do hope your experience with us will be a gala event for you and your guest. We believe that such an occasion deserves to dress accordingly. We do not expect you to come dress with a tuxedo, but after several hours of deliberation with our team and some friends, we decided that somewhere between Business Casual and Casual Elegant will do the trick. We do not need you to come formal (unless you want to) and a jacket is not required specially during the months of the summer. No sandals or exposed feet please.

Is there a policy about mobile phones and its use in your restaurant?

Yes we have a policy in this regard. Talking on a cell phone in a restaurant is just straight-up rude. In an effort to rekindle “traditional social values” and encourage conversation, we have adopted this strict phone-free policy for our restaurant. We compare this practice to attending the theatre, opera or the cinema, where patrons are accustomed to switching off their phones without question. This is a moment of disconnect with the world and relax for everyone. Please remember… your business on the phone, it's nobody’s business. If you have an emergency, please take it outside and be kind and careful to not be loud while doing so, as we have neighbors. If your meal is cold on your return to the table, the meal will not be reheated as it is rude and impolite to the chef and other guests' dining rhythm. Therefore we recommend you to switch your phone to mute and enjoy the dinner.

Do you accept smoking in the restaurant or the premises?

Dieci Boutique Restaurant is a smoke free space. Cigarettes, E-cigarettes, cigars, pipes or any smoking device of any kind are forbidden anywhere inside the entire villa. Smoking is only available during the menu break or intermezzo which lasts about 15 minutes and this must be done outside in the gardens. A Sand-Ashtray will be available on the premises to deposit the cigarette filters and cigarette butts. No littering is allowed anywhere in the premises of the land as we are environmentally conscious and we have pets in the property that may accidentally consume the waste, get intoxicated and become sick. We have cameras to make sure this policy is respected.

Do you allow guests to take pictures of the dishes for reviews or as a memory?

Generally yes. But for the comfort of all our guests, flash and professional photography are not permitted in the dining room. Smartphone pictures are allowed, without flash. Pictures with the chefs and other guests will take place at the end of the meal period, to respect the rhythm and temperature of the menu.

Do you have an anti-prejudice policy?

Yes, Dieci Boutique Restaurant has (O) zero tolerance to any racial, religious, gender, financial or physical prejudice and any other behavior that does not adhere to the social etiquette and respect to the background of our guests and staff whilst in the restaurant.

In some places, some guests like to be vulgar. Will I be exposed to this?

Not at all! Dieci Boutique Restaurant has (O) zero tolerance inside the restaurant or on the garden premises, to vulgar displays, swearing, screaming, excessive and uncontrolled alcohol consumption, violence, yelling, screaming and unmeasured displays of love and affection. Customers that resist to comply with our etiquette rules will be kindly asked to leave. We will reserve the right to deny service and the price of the menu must be paid in full regardless.

Do you have neighbors that may be bothered by guests' interactions?

Yes we do. Our restaurant is located in a small village. Loudness is not allowed as we operate in a relaxed, friendly and professional atmosphere. Other guests have the right to a peaceful and unique experience that cannot be spoiled because of other guests' volume and over excitement. As mentioned, we are located in a village and we are surrounded by mostly elder citizens. The operating hours of the restaurant and the interactions of guests must not interfere at all times with the peace and sleep of our good neighbors. We need to respect their age and their need to sleep in peace.

Can we wonder anywhere in the premises of your restaurant, house or land?

Not everywhere please. As you will be aware, the villa where our restaurant operates, is not only a business place. The upper part of the villa is the private residence of the Chiarini family. Therefore we kindly ask you to limit yourself to the restaurant area, the lower lobby and the gardens if you need to take some air. Please be advised that we have guard dogs on the garden premises.

What sort of food is served at Dieci Boutique Restaurant?

We serve a tasting menu created from ingredients sourced from the surrounding farms and gardens of our farm. The menu is between 9-10 courses, some of which are small bites, others are larger dishes. All of our food is cooked with Italian precision and techniques.

Do you cater for special dietary requirements?

If you advise us in advance at the time of your reservation we will always do our best to accommodate certain health related & religious requirements (within reason and product availability). Only life threatening food allergies and religious belief dietary requirements will be supported by us. Veganism, Vegetarianism, Pescadarian and other food trends are not catered by Dieci. As far as allergies are concerned It is important to know that we do use nuts, gluten and other allergens in our kitchen. Therefore we CANNOT ensure that your dishes are free of 100% of these ingredients. It is essential that you know that these ingredients are still used on the premises and cross contamination of allergens can happen. Disclaimer: We are not liable for any risk or situation derived from this. It is literally impossible to stop flour particles, nuts particles and other airborne ingredients from landing on preparations and finished meals. No changes to the menu are made 24 hours before or on the spot during the dinner.

Is the restaurant accessible?

The restaurant building is accessible from the parking lot to wheelchair users. Unfortunately however, due to the listed status of the building (historic building), we are currently unable to offer any dedicated disabled toilets. However, please be assured that our management team is working hard to find solutions to overcome this moving forward and we apologize for the inconvenience this causes in the meantime.

Do you have a daily capacity limit or not?

Yes we have a limit. The name of our restaurant says it all. Dieci means 10 (ten) in Italian, meaning that only ten guests per night will be served. We have 3 tables for 2 guests each and 1 table for 4 guests, for a total of 10 patrons. A single person can reserve a table of two if needed and be by him/herself. For now the restaurant is taking a maximum reservation capacity of 6-8 guests to ensure full quality service. As the restaurant grows on reputation and excellence, more capable staff will be added and therefore we will upgrade to our full capacity of 10 guests per day. We have private dining possibilities (up to 10) but for this, one will need to reserve and block the entire restaurant for this occasion. The menu can be modified (not the price nor the style of service) and 50% of the total cost must be deposited in advance, to ensure assistance or to ensure we have no loss as we will need to reject reservations and buy special products for this occasion.

What are your opening days and hours?

The restaurant is open: Tuesday through Saturday from 18:00 hours = 6:00 pm until 24:00 hours = 12:00 am. Dinner finishes at 22:00 hours +/- = 10:00 pm +/-. Only opened for dinner. No rotation on tables. One sitting per night and per seat.

Do you operate during certain holidays and are you open all year long?

We are open 5 days a week regardless of holidays and we are operational only three seasons per year. Our operating seasons are: Late Spring, all Summer and Fall.
Winter Season: We planned to be closed during the months of Winter, but reservation's demand and high traffic has brought us to open in the winter months as well. Therefore we will be open for winter, but we will be taking only one table per night from 2 and up to 6 guests of the same group/family/company. Winter operations will depend on weather conditions and COVID restrictions.

What is the price of your menu per person?

The price of our full Tasting menu is as follows:

Bulgarian Lev = 260,oo BGN
(water and hot beverages included).
Wines are additional and sold by the glass or by the bottle. NOTE: We started since our opening to sell an additional wine pairing menu. But due to the low demand of this wine pairing menu, we have decided to discontinue this practice and sell it only by the glass or by the bottle. Thank you for your understanding.

Do I have to give tips in your restaurant?

Since we do not charge service fee, it is customary and polite to recognize and appreciate the good service. It is up to you how much you wish to recognize. Internationally 10% will be the norm. But it is up to you to go lower or higher, depending on your possibilities and opinion in regards to service and food quality.

Can I drink other beverages during the menu?

To ensure the full effect, perception and appreciation of our menu flavors; only flavored waters and/or wines will be served. No other beverages will be served during the tasting menu as those interfere with the full flavour experience we wish to offer to our exclusive guests. Our wines and flavored waters are carefully paired with each and every course of the menu. Coffee and Gourmet Teas are complementary at the end of the meal.
All wine pairings are made with Bulgarian premium wines.
Other hard liquors can be enjoyed after the meal period when we sit in the restaurant’s living room and interact with the chefs and other guests or on your own table if you wish. Other beverages and hard liquors are not included in the menu price and are charged additionally.

Can I park my car in a secured private area? Do you charge extra for this?

Our property enables the safe parking of up to 10 vehicles of medium size. All vehicles will be secure and protected inside our property. Over 32 CCTV cameras enabled with night vision are allocated inside and outside the villa and on the gardens for your safety and the safety of your vehicle. Parking is free of charge for our exclusive guests.

Do you have rooms for rent to sleep in the villa?

We do not have rooms for this matter in the villa as we operate only as a restaurant. But we have logistical partners that have good and clean rooms in the area (5 minutes drive) and you can use the room to sleep and rest. If you are in no condition to drive, we will bring you to the location and pick you up the next day. Your vehicle can remain secure within our property at no cost for that night and the following morning before noon. Since the rooms and additional transport are outsourced, such services come at an extra cost for you. 50,oo Euro per person or its equivalent in Bulgarian Lev = 98,oo BGN per night (including transport both ways will apply). NOTE: This value has to be paid directly to the service provider on the spot and not to us.

Do you have policies and safety measures for COVID-19?

Dieci Boutique Restaurant implements practices that maintain a healthy environment for our guests and staff. These measures are in accordance with guidelines issued by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration of Bulgaria, the CDC in the United States and the World Health Organization. Please note, that guests will be asked to complete a short health declaration during the booking confirmation to finalize your reservation and temperature will be taken upon arrival. We ask our guests to please be civil and comply with these rules for your safety and the safety of others. Disclaimer: Dieci Boutique Restaurant and its employees are not responsible for false statements and the complications derived from such statements in regards to the health of particular individuals. We trust that our guests will be honest and forthcoming in this regard. We are looking very much forward to welcoming you here at Dieci Boutique Restaurant.

What about if I disagree with your restaurant policies?

Obviously you have 100% the right to disagree. But you will find that our rules of the house and policies are absolutely in line and in your best interest and the interest of all our guests to feel welcome, safe, respected and to be able to enjoy a unique experience in a very intimate and relaxed setting.

If all these policies and answers are in accordance with your moral values and interests, please feel free to make your reservation. In any case a copy of these rules of the house and FAQ`s will be sent to your email address upon reservation and you’ll have to send back a reply with your agreement or not with our house policy. If you agree with it, your reservation will be completed. If you disagree we also reserve ourselves the right to deny service.

Until which hour can I make reservations on any specific day?

For all new requesting reservations, you can call from Monday to Saturday, from 09:00 am until 17:00 hours = 5:00 pm. We do not answer the phone at 17:00 hours = 5:00 pm from Tuesdays to Saturdays to ensure the highest standards and quality time devoted to our guests. Once our guests start to arrive on any specific service day, we will not answer any phone calls, or emails (unless the call comes from a late arrival guest on that very same day). We wish by this to devote our entire energy and attention to our guests of the day. Thank you for your understanding.

Do you accept Vouchers or Advanced Payments?

Yes we do. Upon your decision we will issue a Voucher for you or a loved one. If there is no specific date planned the Voucher will state (Open Date) this date will be agreed with the beneficiary of the Voucher upon availability. Vouchers are valid forever until used. Most Vouchers include Food Menu and Wine Tasting. But calculating alcohol consumption on an individual basis is sometimes tricky, therefore we recommend to pay only for Food Menus on the Voucher and allow the beneficiary to pay for his/her own alcohol after the dinner. Pre-Reservations of 6 or more guests have to be secured with a deposit of Food Menus only. Our Cancellation Policy states that we will retain 50% on all cancellations at any time, as we would have given away business and possible guests to keep your date. Some people ask why we retain 50% and do not refund the entire amount? Answer: Simple... the whole purpose of reserving and giving a security deposit is to not give the chance to lose your date and spot in our restaurant to other guests. If we lose business by keeping your date and you cancel... giving you a full refund defeats the whole purpose of a security deposit. We are not a bank that accepts and holds money for a full withdrawal later. We are a business that makes business with legitimate and real guests and giving away business to keep your date has to come with a profit for the restaurant when a guest cancels.